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Grant’s Plants — Passion Flower

Clue: A vine plant that can be found throughout TN. In 1919, kids around TN voted it a “popular” flower.
As some have already guessed, Passion Flower is the plant of the week.
Passion flower was voted TN’s state wild flower in 1919, when the General Assembly decided to allow school children to choose a state flower.
Passion Flower, (May Pop) is traditionally used to treat anxiety and insomnia.  Scientifically,  it is believed to increase Gamma Amniobutyric Acid (GABA) in brain cells, which in turn can have a relaxing effect.
Growth Habit:  This perennial vine can grow to 30 ft. with tropical looking flowers of white, blue and purple shades.
According to folklore, it is named Passion Flower because the corona (part of flower) resembles the crown of thorns worn by Jesus during the crucifixion.
Parts used:  All above ground parts can be used medicinally for teas, infusions and tinctures.  Do not take without supervision.
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